Winmore is Bid and Tender Collaboration software for Freight Forwarders and Brokers, providing visibility, efficiency and process automation that helps our customers lower costs, save time and win more of the right bids

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“Winmore is a game changer.”

Professor John Langley, Ph.D.

Penn State University, Center for Supply Chain Research


Too Much Complexity, Too Little Time

Responding to RFQs and tenders is a manual, time-consuming process, between global participants, that relies too heavily on emails, spreadsheets and human memory—with too little time to monitor it all and get everything done.

The results? Limited control, poor visibility, frequent errors, spiraling costs, misquoted or lost bids and lower margins.



Winmore is Bid and Tender Collaboration software designed to streamline, accelerate and optimize your bid response process.

It replaces manual tracking, endless conference calls and torrents of email with clear, automated workflows and collaboration tools that improve efficiency and provide enhanced visibility of the entire process from beginning to end, saving precious time and lowering costs.

We saw the value in Winmore right away, because it has everything we need on its screens – no need for outside consultants to spend months on customization. You can use Winmore on Day One, out-of-the-box, and get value immediately.

Michael Lutjann, CIO Imperial Logistics

Winmore’s Winning Formula

Winmore’s easy-to-use software solves the three most critical pain points
that impact freight forwarders and freight brokers bids.


Bid Analytics shows you which RFQs and tenders will drive the highest margin and value, helping avoid low-probability and unprofitable bids.


Know the status of every bid. Provide clear insights so everyone knows what’s expected when, and if any bottlenecks threaten the process.


Enable team members to converse, exchange ideas, ask questions, set alerts, manage tasks and obtain approvals—whenever and wherever they want.

Qualification + Visibility + Collaboration = Winning More Bids

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Get Results Starting Day One

Winmore is designed to deliver value immediately, without configuration changes or expensive consultants.

Immediate Value

Use predefined bid workflows the instant you sign up. No waiting for IT to install, integrate or customize your application.


Winmore is hosted and managed in the cloud for you. No installation, upgrades or maintenance required.

Mobile Support

Access Winmore from anywhere in the world using desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Keep everyone productive even while they’re on the road.

Industry Leadership

Case Study Videos

See how ProTrans and DHL Global Forwarding, Winmore customers are gaining visibility and getting higher hit rates in bid response in these engaging 3-minute videos

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This Year’s 3PL Study

This year’s annual study by Dr. C. John Langley of Penn State University quantifies the cost of failing to adequately share information between bid desks and pricing

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4 Steps to Data-Driven Bid Management

Winmore CMO John Golob explores how the Bid Management process can benefit from data analytics, which can greatly improve your speed, accuracy and hit rates by leveraging historic information.

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The World’s Leading Logistics Providers Win With Winmore

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