Introducing Winmore 360° – cloud-based Bid & Tender software for logistics service providers. It streamlines the RFP qualification process, accelerates the time to respond, increases the efficiency of your bid desk, and increases overall win rates by as much as 25%.

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Industry leaders from GlobalTranz, Imperial Logistics and Averitt – to high-growth, agile up-and-comers such as GenPro and ProTrans choose Winmore 360° to transform their RFP, bid and tender process.


Too Much Complexity, Too Little Time

  • The transportation market shifts unpredictably between spot and contracts, creating uncertainty and stress for logistics service providers.
  • Shippers increasingly send RFPs to check prices and exert pressure on incumbent providers, with no intent of awarding new business.
  • Yesterdays approach to RFP response – email and spreadsheets – is inefficient and error prone, especially across teams.
  • Managing bids manually results in delays, poor process visibility, and lack of coordination — compromising the quality of the response.


Winmore 360°

  • Winmore 360° software automates the RFP response process, helping LSP’s lock in contracted revenue in uncertain times.
  • Improve RFP qualification using historic and real-time data, instantly identify the strategic bid from the price check.
  • Align and guide Contracts, Legal, Pricing, and Finance teams through industry best-practice steps designed to deliver a winning bid.
  • Replace manual processes and document sprawl with secure workflow guided collaboration that manages every leg of the RFP lifecycle.

Winmore 360° helps LSPs increase their processed bids by up to 67%, and increase their win rate by up to 25%!

Contracted Rates are the “Bedrock” of our business…with Winmore we turn market volatility into an advantage by moving faster than our competitors. Using Winmore we saw a 25% increase in our win rate and a 20% acceleration in our response times.

Caitlin Meaden, Director of Sales and Marketing

Winmore’s Winning Formula

Winmore’s easy-to-use software solves the three most critical pain points
that impact a Logistics Service Providers contracted revenue.


NEW Bid Scoring shows you which RFPs and tenders will drive the highest margin and value, helping avoid low-probability and unprofitable contracts.


Know the status of every bid. Provide clear insights so everyone knows what’s expected when, and if any bottlenecks threaten the process.


Contracts, Legal, Pricing, and Finance teams work together so everyone is informed and aware of comments, decisions and approvals…in any time zone.

Qualification + Visibility + Collaboration = Winning More Contracted Revenue

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Get Results Starting Day One

Winmore is designed to deliver value immediately, without configuration changes or expensive consultants.

Immediate Value

Use predefined bid workflows the instant you sign up. No waiting for IT to install, integrate or customize your application.


Winmore is hosted and managed in the cloud for you. No installation, upgrades or maintenance required.

Mobile Support

Access Winmore from anywhere in the world using desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Keep everyone productive even while they’re on the road.

Winmore 360

Measurable Value For Customers

ProTrans Case Study

ProTrans tried to manage their RFPs using CRM software, but gave up. Instead, they turned to Winmore 360° to automate the process, with amazing results!

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GenPro Case Study

GenPro implemented Winmore 360° as an RFP System of Record to stabilize and grow their contracted rate business, accelerating the process and increasing their win rate 25%!!

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Armstrong & Associate Report

“A&A finds it refreshing to see an enabling software such as Winmore 360, focused on making established businesses more competitive, agile, efficient and profitable.”

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The World’s Leading Logistics Providers Win More Contracted Revenue With Winmore 360°


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