Industry Expertise

“The global maritime industry must innovate and adopt technology, including solutions like those developed by Winmore”

Flemming Jacobs, Maersk (Retired)

Winmore TV

Winmore Live Demo

May 7 / 2019

See Winmore live! This short demo was captured at FreightWaves Transparency 19 in May, it shows how Winmore provides visibility, efficiency and process automation for Bid and Tender Management, to help you win more bids!

Winmore Explainer Video

Jan 14 / 2019

See how Winmore brings visibility, efficiency and process automation to Bid and Tender Management that helps our LSP customers win more of the right bids

ProTrans Chooses Winmore for RFP Management

Jan 14 / 2019

Featuring Shawn Masters, Chief Commercial Officer. Learn how Indianapolis-based logistics leader ProTrans increases RFP win rates and accelerates time-to-respond with Winmore.

Winmore Bid & Tender Analytics: Powerful Insight That Increases Wins

Apr 4 / 2019

Winmore not only manages all aspects of responding to RFPs and tenders, it informs your teams and management with analysis across the entire process. This video shows you how!

“With Winmores plug-play software, sales leaders can drive control and compliance, while helping reps spend more time in the field”

Hans Hickler CEO, USA DHL Express (Retired)

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