Winmore “Business Process Design Studio” is a drag-and-drop business process modeling tool for developing and publishing multi-stage, collaborative workflows that accelerate and streamline your business processes.

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With the importance of sales and customer success — and the highly competitive nature of the logistics market – LSPs are going to continue to focus their technology investments in flexible platforms that help them acquire and retain customers.

Eric Johnson – Senior Editor, Technology, JOC, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit

Winmore Business Process Design Studio

Winmore’s easy-to-use software enables business users to create powerful automated workflow applications.


Help your RFP and On-boarding workgroups by adding your customer-facing business processes to Winmore for a one-stop commercial control tower.


When you add your business processes to Winmore, your team can find open tasks, documents and collaboration feeds in one place, from RFP to Renewal.


Create and modify Winmore workflows as easily as writing Excel macros, so you don’t need to hire outside consultants or get help from your IT team.

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Winmore Business Process Studio is an easy drag-and-drop environment for creating powerful custom process workflows without complicated programming or outside consultants.

Automation In Minutes Not Days

Business Process Design Studio allows business users to easily build workflows without requiring technical expertise.

Component-based Model

Business process elements like data fields, tasks, stages and triggers can be quickly created and reused across applications.

Visual Layout Editing

Process screens and layouts are assembled, published and maintained with point-n-click simplicity.

Integrate With Other Applications

Winmore Business Process Design Studio connects, updates and leverages data across your internal systems.

Data Import/Export

Automate the import/export of .CSV and Excel-based data between Winmore and your TMS, CRM and other business applications.

REST-based API

Leverage Winmore’s powerful REST-based API to meet the most complex data integration requirements.

Seamless Embedding

Integrate the user interface from other applications directly into Winmore for fingertip access to supporting technologies.

Built-In Extensibility

Business Process Design Studio allows you to extend and customize any part of the Winmore user experience.

Easy Modification

Administrators can change and alter the attributes and behavior of any component in Winmore applications to meet specific requirements.

Create New Record Types

Add new data containers as needed to extend and broaden Winmore workflow applications.

Customize Workflow Scoring

Create a requirement-specific scorecard for capturing and measuring stakeholder feedback for the most important strategic tasks.

It’s like Winmore looked into our processes and built the software to speak to every single one of those processes”

Sherry Anderson

Contract Bid Lead, Averitt Express

Winmore powers the most trusted brands and the fastest up-and-comers


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