Winmore’s “Customer Solution On-Boarding” software manages the onboarding of complex customer implementations, accelerates time-to-value, minimizes scope-creep, ensures compliance and delights customers.

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New customer implementations involve on-boarding hundreds of suppliers and dozens of transportation partners. Delaying “Go Live” means lower operating margin.”

Bill Aldridge

President of Allport Cargo Services

Winmore Customer Solution On-Boarding

Winmore’s comprehensive, but easy-to-use software solves the three most critical pain points
that impact customer solution delivery.


Winmore manages and monitors the end-to-end solution delivery process, providing feedback and alerts to identify and solve bottlenecks quickly.


Winmore clearly communicates requirements, status, success criteria and results to all stakeholders, helping ensure adherence to your internal processes.


Six Sigma blackbelts applaud Winmore’s process Studio, Kanban boards and stage/gates, helping them remove waste from their operations.

Process Control + Internal Compliance + Continuous Improvement = Customer Success

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Brokers need to Simplify by focusing on the activity that’s most important, like your RFP win rate. Then, Standardize it across your organization. Finally, when you know the outcomes that you’re looking to achieve, you Automate the process by balancing human and technology to drive the optimal result.

Andy Clarke
Chief Financial Officer (former), CH Robinson

Accelerate Time-to-Value

With the entire team working from the same plan, sharing the same resources and on the same timeline, you go live faster…and delight customers in the process.

Improved Productivity

Winmore organizes tasks in a single pane, so each team member understands what’s expected from them at each stage in the process, unlocking significant productivity gains.

Better Decision-Making

Winmore provides data in context, when and where it’s needed by the team, helping them make more informed decisions, the first time.

Finger-tip access to RFP Responses

When integrated with Winmore Bid & Tender collaboration, operational teams can see the entire lifecycle of the project (which services were proposed at which price and why).

Reduce Scope Creep

Eliminate the misconceptions and delays when your implementations move from proposal to production…and roles inevitably change at your company…and your customer.

A Central System Of Record

Winmore houses all project documents and materials in a searchable repository to eliminate ambiguity and assumptions.

Process Visibility

With an understanding of the end-to-end on-boarding process, new team members can see how their input impacts the success of the entire project, reducing their ramp and helping them hit the ground running.

Real-Time Insight

Dashboards and analytics provide demonstrable evidence of progress and compliance with customer commitments.

Continuously Improve

Winmore’s approach to process management is anchored Six Sigma and designed to help you accelerate your workflow, while eliminating organizational waste.

Superior Quality

Winmore manages tactical activities, enabling the team to focus on producing the highest quality solution that best meets customer requirements.


Winmore guides solution development teams through best-practice steps designed to speed delivery and exceed customer expectations.

Leverage History

Winmore harnesses “lessons learned” from every engagement, applying data analytics to identify and replicate successes, while flagging opportunities to remove organizational waste.

“The Winmore software helps us understand how to respond to RFQs and gives us a better percentage of wins”

Shawn Masters, Chief Commercial Officer, ProTrans

Winmore powers the most trusted brands and the fastest up-and-comers


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