LF Logistics, a division of Li & Fung, Ltd, empowers its global business development teams with Winmore’s Customer Success Platform.

Using Winmore software, the Hong Kong-based logistics service provider offers commercial leaders enhanced operational visibility into the status of their most important RFP processes, if a project is on schedule, or when it’s encountered a delay and acts swiftly.

By supporting the management of the RFP process, Winmore allows sales representatives to provide granular detail on DC management, transport management, hubbing and consolidation, omnichannel services, value-added service and global freight forwarding service. This level of detail improves accuracy of financial reports. LF Logistics also accelerates the delivery of its logistics services across Asia through the Winmore customer onboarding platform, which results in faster time-to-value.

Winmore and LF Logistics have a long-standing, multi-year partnership based on the shared value of innovation. In particular, the Hong Kong-based company played an important role in the development of Winmore’s Apple iOS and Android-based mobile software, which will further expedite RFP and commercial processes across Asia.

“With a tool like Winmore, I can be more scientific. I can say, ‘This is what our pipeline looks like now based on historical success.’…, commented Simon Oxley, Executive Director LF Logistics. “…and therefore, we are likely to add this much new business next year.”.

Learn all about how LF Logistics uses Winmore by downloading the Customer Success Case Study HERE.

About LF Logistics:

LF Logistics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Li & Fung, is a leading logistics provider offering both in-country logistics services across Asia and freight management services globally. It has extensive experience in footwear and apparel, fast-moving consumer goods, food and beverage, retail, electronics and healthcare industries.