Indianapolis-based transportation and supply chain management company selects and deploys Winmore into production without outside consultants in record time.

Founded in 1993, ProTrans is an award-winning transportation and supply chain management provider based in Indianapolis. It specializes in third-party Logistics (3PL), freight consolidation, freight management services, and inventory and fulfillment management.

The market-leading transportation company serves many vertical markets, including various manufacturing industries within Canada, Mexico, and the United States. It provides innovative, best-in-class solutions that identify operational efficiency, cost-savings opportunities, and improved transit times as well as accommodate unplanned freight.

Unlike its competitors, ProTrans has experienced tremendous growth in its 25-year history and has evolved into a dynamic service provider of innovative and customer-focused supply chain management solutions. Its creative thinking, nimble infrastructure, and customized logistics solutions allows its customers to concentrate on their business.

When ProTrans looked to invest in software to empower its sales and customer-facing teams, including its RFP and pricing processes, it required immediate time-to-value and the ability to administer the software without hiring outside consultants.

Shawn Masters, Chief Commercial Officer of ProTrans, explained, “We looked at a range of software built for every type of business, but in order to make them work for transportation, we had to spend thousands in hiring outside consultants. More importantly, it would take weeks to make simple software changes and cost us thousands of dollars. Literally and figuratively, our business is moving way too quickly.”

ProTrans selected Winmore with the challenge to deploy the software into production in under 30 days, including exporting legacy data, training end-users and going live. “This was a tall order for any vendor, but it is what our customers expect of us, so why is it any different?” added Masters.

“We were ready for the challenge,” replied Winmore Chief Marketing Officer John Golob. “It is not every day that customers give you such a clear challenge to prove your value, although Shawn didn’t mention that those 3 weeks included Christmas and New Year’s,” Golob laughed.

“Winmore delivered — that’s all I can say,” clarified Masters. “They understand the transportation industry, our day-to-day challenges, and they speak our language of lane requests, so much transportation-specific functionality comes with Winmore out-of-the-box that you can use the same day you buy the software. We knew they’d deliver…and they sure did.”

To learn more, download the ProTrans Customer Case Study Whitepaper here.