Brokers need to Simplify by focusing on the activity that’s most important, like your RFP win rate. Then, Standardize it across your organization. Finally, when you know the outcomes that you’re looking to achieve, you Automate the process by balancing human and technology to drive the optimal result.

Andy Clarke
Chief Financial Officer (former), CH Robinson

Win More RFP-based Business

Winmore software automates and accelerates the RFP response process, helping Freight Brokers lock in more contracted revenue.

Improve RFP Qualification

Bid Scoring and instant access to historic data helps you identify the strategic bid from the price check.

Align Teams

Guide Contracts, Legal, Pricing, and Finance teams through industry best-practice steps designed to deliver a winning bid.

Automate The Process

Replace manual processes and document sprawl with secure workflow guided collaboration that manages every leg of the RFP lifecycle.

Source And Manage Carrier Partners

Winmore Carrier Intelligence helps carrier teams easily develop and maintain a vetted network of carriers for sourcing shipper RFPs.

Streamline Carrier On-Boarding

Winmore workflows provide quick repeatable steps that make it a snap to add new carriers to the network.

Real-time Profiles

Winmore leverages Transportation Compliance Monitoring data like RMIS and Truckstop to ensure your carrier profiles are always up-to-date.

Optimized Sourcing

Winmore Carrier Intelligence helps RFP teams source the best carriers for bids by understanding service capabilities, regions and modes.

Centralize Information Storage

Winmore stores and organizes all shipper documentation and data in a central location for quick access.

Searchable Repository

Quickly find any detail or document associated with any bid or account. No more combing through hard drives or emails to find information.

Single Version Of The Truth

Winmore’s document repository organizes all shipper spreadsheets and related materials, no more manual tracking of multiple document versions.

Analysis With Context

Organized storage of all shipper account activity and data enables analysis of shipper engagement and history at any level of granularity.

Immediate Time-To-Value

Start using Winmore on day-one, realize immediate return on your software investment.

No IT Required

Winmore is pre-installed in the cloud and ready to use, there’s no complicated installation and no technical resources needed to get started.

Salesforce and MS Office Integration

Maximize your ROI in CRM, integrate shipper and pipeline information, as well as calendars and email.

Extensive Mobile Support

Stay connected with Winmore from any device including desktops, laptops and Apple and Android phones and tablets.

“Contracted Rates are the “Bedrock” of our business…with Winmore we turn market volatility into an advantage by moving faster than our competitors. Using Winmore we saw a 25% increase in our win rate and a 20% acceleration in our response times.”

Caitlin Meaden, Director of Sales and Marketing

Winmore powers the most trusted brands and the fastest up-and-comers


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