With the importance of sales and customer success – and the highly competitive nature of the logistics market – LSPs are going to continue to focus their technology investments in flexible platforms that help them acquire and retain customers.

Eric Johnson – Senior Editor, Technology, JOC, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit

Align Teams To Win

Winmore guides sales, pricing, product, legal, contracts and operations teams through industry best-practice steps designed to deliver a winning tender.

Powerful Workflows

Stages and tasks are automatically assigned, monitored and measured, providing a roadmap to successful submission.

Clarity and Focus

Automatic agendas and due-date alerts keep task owners accountable, productive and on time.

Governed Collaboration

Winmore’s flexible collaborative environment is tightly controlled to ensure quality and adherence to policy.

Gain Top-Down Process Visibility

Commercial and Operational Leaders are always up-to-date with accurate real-time views of shipper relationships and engagement status.

Real-time Insight

Analytics and dashboards show the current status of each and every bid and project, eliminating bottlenecks and delays.

Proactive Alerting

Winmore keeps track of every task and every activity, instantly alerting key stakeholders when due dates are at risk.

See The Whole Playing Field

Gain a birds-eye view of what’s in play, what’s coming and who is needed for each step. Plan your resources using data, not memory.

Deliver A Winning Solution

Implement differentiated solutions better and faster for your shipper customers after winning the contract.

Reduce Scope Creep

Eliminate misunderstandings and delays when your implementations move from proposal to production.

Eliminate data blind-spots

Ensure alignment between customer facing and service execution functions through seamless sharing of data from RFP award to implementation.

Ensure Compliance

Winmore clearly communicates requirements, status, success criteria and results to all stakeholders, helping ensure adherence to your SOP’s.

Trusted by the Largest Forwarders

Winmore is the only software designed specifically for global freight forwarders. It powers the largest forwarders in the industry.

Meeting Strict Security Requirements

Winmore’s security model and policies have been tested and approved by the strictest IT departments in the logistics world.

GDPR Compliant

Winmore encrypts all data, at rest and in transit, and meets the strict requirements for GDPR compliance.

At Home in the EU

For our customers in the EU, Winmore is hosted in EU-based data centers to ensure a secure and high performing user experience.

Immediate Time-To-Value

Start using Winmore on day-one, realize immediate return on your software investment.

No IT Required

Winmore is pre-installed in the cloud and ready to use, there’s no complicated installation and no technical resources needed to get started.

Salesforce and MS Office Integration

Maximize your ROI in CRM, integrate shipper and pipeline information, as well as calendars and email.

Extensive Mobile Support

Stay connected with Winmore from any device including desktops, laptops and Apple and Android phones and tablets.

“You can use Winmore on Day One, out-of-the-box, and get value immediately”

Michael Lütjann, Renowned Logistics Industry CIO

Winmore powers the most trusted brands and the fastest up-and-comers


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