By John Golob, Chief Marketing Officer


We are proud to announce that Winmore 360° is named by FreightWaves Research Institute as a FreightTech 100 innovator, an award given to the most exciting and groundbreaking software in the transportation industry.

Craig Fuller, CEO of FreightWaves, explained how the nomination process works: 500 companies are nominated from across the industry and reviewed by a panel of 50 industry experts and transportation leaders, including Tom McLeod, President of McLeod Software, Ryan Rogers, CTO of Covenant Transportation, among others.

Each panel member ranks their top 25 companies on a 1-25 point scale. The entire process was overseen by accounting firm Katz, Sapper and Miller (KSM).

Needless to say, we are proud of this award and view it as a reflection of the successful partnerships forged over the last six years with companies such as CH Robinson and GlobalTranz, who joined us on the list of innovators.

We recently added carrier profiles and advanced analytics to the bid and tender collaboration process and we will continue to innovate and enable our customers (leading freight brokers, carriers and forwarders) to improve their RFP win rates and lock in contracted revenue for the years to come.

Thank you, Craig Fuller and the team at FreightWaves for the FreightTech 100 award.