LSPs are in a highly competitive market, and are being tasked each day with making technology investment priorities. Given the importance the sales process plays in their business, it seems apparent that LSPs are going to focus that technology investment in systems that enable them to improve margins and decrease the time-consuming nature of RFP and tender processes.

Eric Johnson – Senior Editor, Technology, JOC, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit

Integrated Software for Every Leg of the Tender Lifecycle

Winmore 360° automates the entire tender response process through managed stages, so your teams come together to prepare a bid that wins the contract.


Assess every Tender’s winnability, risk, and strategic fit, qualify based on data, not hunches or guesses.


Leverage historical bid data to reconcile bid awards with freight shipped and identify trends across your shippers.

Source & Submit

Source the best pricing based on accurate information to help submit a winning contract.


Teams work together and negotiate the right terms directly in the application, no more emails and calls!


Capture final bid package and lessons learned into the Bid Repository for valuable analysis.

Process Efficiency

Winmore 360° tracks every step of the tender response
process, monitoring every task and every owner for every bid.

Proven Best Practices

Winmore 360° aligns your functions, regions, products and executives to a process based on industry best practices.


Standardize the response process via workflows that include approval tasks to guarantee buy-in from commercial and financial decision-makers.

Tracking and Monitoring

Gain a birds-eye view of what’s in play, what’s coming and who is needed for each step. Plan your resources using data, not memory.

Actionable Insight

Winmore 360° turns your bid history into intelligence. Know up front when a tender is due, to strategize, prepare and execute.

Anticipate and Prepare

At a glance, see historical outcomes and past contract performance, at the start of every new tender.

Continuous Improvement

Structured audit tasks turn every tender response into valuable insight for refining future responses, reduce waste and improve operations.

Performance Visibility

Dashboards track and evaluate bids submitted and won, across mode (ocean, air, rail and road) to reveal trends and opportunities.

Trusted by the Largest Forwarders

Winmore 360° is the only contract revenue software designed for global freight forwarders. It powers the largest global bid desks in the industry.

Meeting Strict Security Requirements

Winmore 360’s security model and policies have been tested and approved by the strictest IT departments in the logistics world.

GDPR Compliant

Winmore 360° encrypts all data, at rest and in transit, and meets the strict requirements for GDPR compliance.

At Home in the EU

For our customers in the EU, Winmore 360° is hosted in EU-based data centers to ensure a secure and high performing user experience.

Immediate Time-To-Value

Start using Winmore 360° the same day you buy it, realize immediate return on your software investment.

No Consulting Required

Leverage a Tender response process modeled after freight forwarding best practices, without using outside consultants.

Salesforce and Outlook Integration

Extend and ampliphy the value of your CRM, integrate shipper and pipeline information, as well as calendars and email.

Mobile Support

Stay connected with Winmore 360° from any device including desktops, laptops and Apple and Android phones and tablets.

“You can use Winmore 360° on Day One, out-of-the-box, and get value immediately”

Michael Lutjann, CIO Imperial Logistics

The World’s Leading Global Freight Forwarders Win More Contracted Revenue With Winmore 360°

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