By John Golob, Winmore CMO and Founder

March 28, 2020

I am thrilled to learn today that after 58 days of lockdown, LF Logistics’ Wuhan Branch resumed operations in China’s Hubei Province, the epicenter where the coronavirus is believed to have jumped to humans.  The Wuhan branch is one of the first to receive the government’s permit to resume operations in the region. Upon return, the team implemented immediate health and safety measures: conducting timely temperature checks, using disinfectant, and setting up dining room isolation sites.

While the COVID-19 crisis spreads across Europe and North America, we are pleased to take note of this customer’s gradual return to normalcy.  Without a doubt, Simon Oxley — LF Logistics’ Executive Vice President of Global Business Development — has an unrivalled perspective on how the crisis presented both risk and reward during the pivotal first few weeks.  Already adept at managing remote teams across regions as expansive as Indonesia, he upgraded the company’s remote management policies to work-from-home standards for commercial employees, turning to Winmore for standardization of RFP response workflows, and ensuring that commercial operations ran smoothly.

Simon started his career at Xcel Logistics around the same time I joined Aaron Sasson at CRM pioneer Scopus Technology.  While Xcel was acquired by DHL, Scopus was bought by Siebel which in turn was acquired by Oracle and is marketed as Oracle’s CRM.  Nonetheless, Simon has led through wars, SARS pandemic and civil unrest so it is no surprise that when the dust settles from COVID-19, LF Logistics will emerge with more customers and stronger than ever.

Hear Simon talk about LF Logistics’ success with Winmore in a free webinar on Thursday April 30, co-sponsored by JOC. Register HERE.

– John     [email protected]