The maritime industry must innovate. Ocean carriers and service providers will be required to adopt technology, including solutions like those developed by Winmore.

Flemming Jacobs
former Maersk Group partner and ex-NOL chief executive

Improve your Tender Win Rate

Streamline, align and accelerate your Tender response process with end-to-end visibility for commercial leaders.

Data Driven Workflows

Make tender qualification decisions based on data – not intuition by your reps – with Bid Scoring, a digital stage/gate application.

Give Your CRM A Reality Check

Reconcile CRM sales forecasts with actual expected volumes and revenue from your product and pricing teams…in real time.

Reduce Fall Downs

Integration with your bookings system so your product and pricing teams can get a snapshot of their customer performance and relevant BL data.

Reduce Scope-Creep When On-boarding Your Shippers

Incomplete data handoffs from your tender and pricing teams to operations can cost you your gross margin! Streamline the process with Winmore’s On-boarding application.

Integrated Handoff To Operations

When you’ve received an award from a shipper, the complete digital tender history – including pricing strategy and collaboration feed – is passed to operations, providing context and history.

Detailed Task Management

Winmore’s comprehensive task management capabilities ensures full compliance with your internal processes, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks and the shipper is live on schedule and on budget.

Continuous Improvement

Winmore incorporates continuous improvement processes in its workflows, allowing you to identify and remove waste from your processes, allowing you to outmaneuver your competition.

Automate your Custom Business Processes…without Writing Code

Winmore’s drag-and-drop business process design studio lets you add your own custom business processes to your tender and on-boarding workflows.

Designed For An Analyst, Not Consultants

Modelling your custom business processes is as easy as writing an Excel Macro; it is designed for a business user not an IT programmer, or an outside consultant.

A/B Test Your Workflows

Not sure of which workflows will drive the greatest results, run organizational trials where one team follows “Workflow A” and another follows “Workflow B,” then compare the results.

Integrate With Your TMS

Winmore includes fully published API’s to bring data in and out of your TMS systems, allowing your custom business processes to access rich, lane level analysis, to spot opportunities before the competition.

Immediate Time-To-Value

Start using Winmore on day-one, realize immediate return on your software investment.

No IT Required

Winmore is pre-installed in the cloud and ready to use, there’s no complicated installation and no technical resources needed to get started.

Salesforce and MS Office Integration

Maximize your ROI in CRM, integrate shipper and pipeline information, as well as calendars and email.

Extensive Mobile Support

Stay connected with Winmore from any device including desktops, laptops and Apple and Android phones and tablets.

“With the importance of sales and customer success – and the highly competitive nature of the logistics market – LSPs are going to continue to focus their technology investments in flexible platforms that help them acquire and retain customers.”

Eric Johnson – Senior Editor, Technology, JOC, Maritime & Trade, IHS Markit

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