Winmore was up and running within three weeks. With the full conversion of all of our documents and records, we were fully functional within that time frame …without missing a beat!

Shawn Masters, Chief Commercial Officer, ProTrans

Integration is in our DNA

Winmore runs in the cloud and is built to consolidate data across your business.

Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

To reconcile actuals with awards, Winmore integrates with all major TMS software, including WiseTech, 3GTMS, TMW, McLeod and even home-built solutions.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM)

Winmore integrates with CRM software such as and Microsoft Dynamics to share account and opportunity data in real-time.

Supporting Open Standards

Winmore provides easy automated import/export of .CSV and Excel-based data, as well as a powerful REST-based API to meet the most complex integration requirements.

It’s like Winmore looked into our processes and built the software to speak to every single one of those processes”

Sherry Anderson

Contract Bid Lead, Averitt Express

Architected for Efficiency and Scale

Winmore is Enterprise Class software that supports any size LSP.

Managed Environment

Winmore is ready to use on day one because it’s pre-installed in the cloud. There’s no installation, maintenance or upgrade hassles, we handle everything!

Maximum Uptime and Performance

Winmore runs on Amazon AWS, the worlds most secure, trusted and widely used cloud provider.

Global Data-Centers

Winmore is managed across global data-centers for optimum performance anywhere on the planet.

“You can use Winmore on Day One, out-of-the-box, and get value immediately”

Michael Lütjann, Renowned Logistics Industry CIO


Winmore provides a secure environment designed to protect your most important business asset: data.

Single Sign On

Users log into Winmore using their existing credentials via integration with MS Active Directory, Google Suite and SAML 2.0.

Enterprise Grade Encryption

Depend on Winmore’s modern, full-disk AES-256 encryption to secure all of your data while at rest and in-transit.

GDPR Compliant

Winmore is hosted in EU-based data centers to ensure a secure environment that meets GDPR requirements.

The World’s Leading Logistics Providers Ensure Customer Success With Winmore


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