By Pete Cittadini, CEO

I’ve been working in Silicon Valley since the 1980s and I know what investors look for when they want to put their capital to work. The companies with great potential have market, market, market, along with great product fit and a great team to pursue that market opportunity with.

Winmore has this in spades and I couldn’t be more excited to announce the general availability of Winmore 360°, the evolution of our flagship bid and tender collaboration software for the logistics industry.

Winmore 360° builds on our leadership, playing a critical role in helping the most admired 3PLs as well as fast-moving up-and-comers lock in contracted revenue by improving the efficiency of their RFP and tender response processes.

We have firm conviction that the bid and tender process is the most important workflow in a 3PL’s commercial operations, yet far too many brokers, forwarders and carriers don’t qualify bids as well as they should…or collaborate as closely as they could.  They have manual processes that rely on hundreds of spreadsheets across desktops, thumb drives and home laptops. As a result, they’re caught off-guard when the market swings back to contracted revenue and they don’t win as many bids as they should, leaving them exposed and on shaky financial ground.

We want to change this with today’s product announcement, adding more capabilities to Winmore, the best software solution for the bid and tender process in the logistics industry, so that brokers can see a 25% increase in its RFP win rates, like GenPro Transportation, and a 20% acceleration in its RFQ response process like ProTrans.

With the latest release of the Winmore software, freight brokers, carriers and forwarders can expect to see dynamic carrier profiles, a key capability in helping 3PLs select the best carriers to include in a response.   

We’ve also introduced bid scoring to help 3PLs take a data-driven approach to qualifying bids. This is more important than ever, especially given that 22% of all RFPs are mere price checks for the competition.  By applying an algorithm to focus on the right bids, logistics companies can focus on the bids that drive the highest gross margin and decline the ones that won’t.

It’s worth noting that we’ve also expanded our workflow to include a post-bid audit stage, ensuring that each RFP cycle has a comprehensive post-mortem.  Applying many of the concepts of continuous improvement (CI), the audit stage captures the final bid package and memorializes lessons learned in the bid repository to help you fine-tune your organization and focus.

Winmore 360° is the right product at the right time.  As we’ve seen in the last few quarters, the transportation market is continuing to experience unprecedented volatility, with rates swaying back and forth between spot and contracts.  With Amazon’s entry into the domestic market and Flexport making waves in the global freight forwarding space, transportation companies of all sizes recognize the importance of locking in contracted revenue.  During a meeting with a customer in New Jersey, I heard this firsthand: “Contracted revenue is the bedrock of our business.”

I joined Winmore because supply chain automation is red hot! As I’m sure you know, in the past five years, supply chain innovation has moved from the last page of The Wall Street Journal’s Marketplace to the front page of What’s News!

The transportation and logistics industry is ripe for change and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better positioned company to seize its potential than Winmore.  Logistics leaders are eager to form partnerships with innovative technology providers that can help them outmaneuver their competition, increase their gross margin, and focus on the right business, not just any business.

We can show immediate time-to-value as our customers — logistics and transportation companies with as few as 100 employees to the largest in the world — use the software the first day they log into the software. No long, drawn-out requirements definition and implementation cycles or expensive outside consultants — just immediate value from day one.

Once we’ve taken our “hill” with the goal of attaining majority market share of bid and tender management software in use globally with outrageously successful customers, we will introduce additional software applications and encourage our customers — perhaps, partners at some point in the future — to model additional processes in the platform.

Please stop by and visit our new office in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district.