By Pete Cittadini, CEO

I’ve been working in Silicon Valley since the 1980’s and I know what investors look for when looking to put their capital to work. The companies with great potential have market, market, market, along with great product fit and a great team to pursue that market opportunity with.

Winmore has this in spades and I couldn’t be more excited to take the leadership reins in the company’s launch and introduction to an eagerly awaiting industry.

My formative years in the enterprise software business were with Oracle from pre ipo to public company times, $23 million in revenue to $1.1 billion in 6 years. I saw firsthand that the perfect marriage of company business model success and its customer’s success was being targeted and focused on what you will do better than anyone else in the world and taking that hill from a market share perspective.

Back at Oracle in the 80’s Larry Ellison wanted to dominate the scientific computing database market on VAX VMS as his first hill. Today DEC and VAX’s are gone but Oracle is #80 on the Fortune 500 with revenues greater than $40 billion. Oracle succeeded because of its initial sheer focus on being the best in its niche, which expanded to become the behemoth that it is today.

Following Oracle, I ran Actuate Corporation, a data analytics startup through its initial public offering (IPO), and subsequent 17 years of life as a public company, with numerous reinventions of both product and revenue model. This leadership and reinvention led to the successful use of Actuate software by the who’s who of global financial institutions and OEM’s where we were interwoven into their day to day operational fabric.

After Actuate, I joined Wavefront, a cloud analytics software company. As its CEO, I grew the software business with the same relentless focus, bringing many of the same talented operational leaders from Actuate into the new company. VMware later acquired Wavefront as a critical component of its cloud strategy.

That brings us to today, and my decision to join Winmore as its new CEO.

I joined Winmore because supply chain automation is red hot! As I’m sure you know, in the past five years, supply chain innovation has moved from the last page of The Wall Street Journal’s Marketplace to the front page of What’s News!

Years ago, software leaders joked that if you were selling CRM software, you’d press the up button in the elevator in a corporation because the Chief Commercial Officer has the best office on the highest floor. If you were selling supply chain software, you’d press the down button in the elevator because the supply chain department was in the basement. Not anymore.

The transportation and logistics industry is ripe for change and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better positioned company to seize its potential than Winmore.

This brings me to another factor in my decision: the team.

A huge credit to John Golob along with the early software and design engineers who saw the potential to innovate in the transportation and logistics vertical market, long before the TPM Conference hosted Innovation Jam Sessions and Evan and Dick Armstrong dedicated two sessions of their 3PL Value Summit to software innovation. John shared several agendas from the 2013 logistics conferences and you would not find innovation, software or automation mentioned anywhere.

How things have changed! Amazon has reshaped consumer’s expectations so same-day delivery is table stakes. Walmart’s On-Time/In-Full initiative (recently upgraded to On-Time-or-It’s-Free) raises the stakes on domestic transportation services.

Logistics leaders are eager to form partnerships with innovative technology providers that can help them outmaneuver their competition, increase their gross margin and focus on the right business, not just any business.

Look at what this company has accomplished in the last five years, thanks to the vision and commercial support of industry leaders such as German Valencia, former CIO of DHL Global Forwarding; Martin Kolbe, CIO of Kuehne + Nagel; Todd Starbuck, Chief Customer Officer of DHL Supply Chain; and Matt McInerney of CH Robinson. You can’t ask for a more impressive line-up of early adopters.

Let’s return to my initial point of focus. Rarely do you find a software platform as powerful as this one. You can model virtually any commercial process, which lends itself to solving countless operational business problems and generating millions of dollars in software subscriptions.

But in order to be successful, which is not different from Oracle in 1985, Actuate Software in 1995 or Wavefront in 2016, we need to focus on being the absolute best at one thing: streamlining and accelerating the bid and tender management process.

The bid and tender management process is our “hill”. We can show immediate time-to-value as our customers — logistics and transportation companies with as few as 100 employees to the largest in the world — use the software the first day they log into the software. No long, drawn-out requirements definition and implementation cycles or expensive outside consultants; just immediate value from day one.

Once we’ve taken our “hill” with the goal of attaining majority market share of bid and tender management software in use globally with outrageously successful customers, we will introduce additional software applications and encourage our customers — perhaps with partners at some point in the future — to model additional processes in the platform.

Finally, I am pleased that I have successfully “got our team back together”, reuniting the same proven, experienced and exceptional commercial leadership team that created billions of dollars of value at Actuate and Wavefront.

Dan Gaudreau has come on board as our Chief Financial Officer. Dan led the Actuate IPO; he also took Plantronics public through its IPO.

Greg Whalen joins as VP of Sales. A career revenue leader who helped me to succeed at Actuate for over 12 years.

My Nguyen joins Winmore to lead our Customer Success Team. We also worked together at Actuate and Wavefront for over half of my 20-year tenure.

Mark Gamble will lead our Product Marketing Team. He brings decades of experience bringing enterprise grade software applications to market with high intensity, enthusiasm and attention to detail.

Stephen Ritchie, VP Engineering, will lead our product and engineering groups in both platform technology as well as our focused application solutions. The initial application being the worlds first alternative to using excel, email and phonecalls for a dramatically improved way to respond to bids and tenders with more speed, accuracy, visibility and control of the complete tender process ultimately winning more bids.

Finally, John Golob who will continue to serve as the voice of our company to the logistics and transportation industry in his new role as Chief Marketing Officer.

I look forward to meeting you at TPM, Eye for Transport, CSCMP or Armstrong. Alternatively, please stop by and visit our new office in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district.