Winmore RFP & Tender Collaboration software streamlines the bid qualification process, increases the efficiency of your bid desk and improves overall win rates by as much as 25%.

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Winmore has made a significant contribution to our productivity, thanks to its exclusive focus on the transportation RFP process and intuitive, easy-to-use interface that allows employees with little or no training to use the software on Day One.”

Brad Price

Director of Contract Carrier Sales, ArcBest

Winmore RFP & Tender Collaboration

Winmore’s easy-to-use software addresses the three most critical pain points
that impact a Logistics Service Provider’s RFP Win Rate.


Bid Scoring shows you which RFQs and tenders will drive the highest margin and value, helping avoid low-probability and unprofitable contracts.


Know the status of every bid. Provide clear insights so everyone knows what’s expected when, and if any bottlenecks threaten the process.


Contracts, Legal, Pricing, and Finance teams work together so everyone is informed and aware of comments, decisions and approvals…in any time zone.

Qualification + Visibility + Collaboration = Winning More Contracted Revenue

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Contracted Rates are the “Bedrock” of our business…with Winmore we turn market volatility into an advantage by moving faster than our competitors. Using Winmore we saw a 25% increase in our win rate and a 20% acceleration in our response times.

Caitlin Meaden, Director of Sales and Marketing

Integrated Software for the entire RFP Lifecycle

Winmore automates the entire RFP response process through managed stages, so your teams come together to prepare a bid that wins the contract.


Assess every RFP’s winnability, risk, and strategic fit, qualify based on data, not hunches or guesses.


Leverage historical bid data to reconcile bid awards with freight shipped and identify trends across your shippers.

Source & Submit

Source the best carriers and pricing based on accurate information that helps submit a winning bid.


Teams work together and negotiate the right terms directly in the application, no more emails and calls!


Capture final bid package and lessons learned into the Bid Repository for valuable analysis.

Accelerate Time-to-Respond

Winmore streamlines the RFP response process by aligning pricing, business development, carrier, marketing and legal/contract teams.

Automated Process

Replace manual processes and document sprawl with secure workflow-guided collaboration.

Bid Repository

Learn from the past and avoid repeating mistakes by leveraging a knowledge base of previous bids and responses.

End-to-End Visibility

Tasks are automatically assigned and tracked, so everyone knows what’s expected, when — to ensure a contract winning bid.

Improve Bid Quality

Bring your company together to develop, price and propose differentiated transportation solutions.

Leverage Subject Matter Experts

Invite your SME’s to participate, collaborate and review proposals, encouraging creative solutions.

Plan Ahead for RFP Crunch Times

Know in advance when several bids are due the same week to avoid mad scrambles and all-nighters.

Digital Hub for your Bid Teams

A digital workspace for bids in process, outstanding tasks, supporting documents, chat commentary and more

Process Efficiency

Winmore tracks every step of the RFP response process, monitoring every task and every owner for every bid.

Proven Best Practices

Winmore aligns your functions, regions, products and executives to a process based on industry best practices.


Standardize the response process via workflows that include approval tasks to guarantee buy-in from commercial and financial decision-makers.

Tracking and Monitoring

Gain a birds-eye view of what’s in play, what’s coming and who is needed for each step. Plan your resources using data, not memory.

“The Winmore software helps us understand how to respond to RFQs and gives us a better percentage of wins”

Shawn Masters, Chief Commercial Officer, ProTrans

Winmore powers the most trusted brands and the fastest up-and-comers


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