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Increase In Processed Bids


Acceleration In Response Time


Increase In RFP Win Rate

Actual Results from LSP’s using Winmore 360° Today

Cloud Convenience and Simplicity

Winmore 360° runs in the cloud as a Managed Service, you don’t need to install or maintain anything!

Fast Time-To-Value

Winmore 360° is ready to use on day one because it’s pre-installed in the cloud. Get started right away without waiting for slow, costly IT deployment efforts.

Managed Environment

Enjoy automatic software updates and maintenance. Focus on closing business, not maintaining hardware and software.

Global Access

Your teams access Winmore 360° from anywhere in the world using a web browser, tablet or mobile phone.


Winmore 360° provides a secure environment designed to protect your most important business asset: data.

Single Sign-On

Your users log into Winmore 360° using their existing credentials via integration with Active Directory, Office 365 and Google Suite.

Configurable Security Rules

Create tiers of detailed rules to specify who can see or change any field or record in the system.

Enterprise-Grade Encryption

Depend on Winmore 360°’s modern, full-disk AES-256 encryption to secure all of your data while at rest and in-transit.

Powerful Platform

Winmore 360° runs on a platform designed for scale, security and flexibility

Flexible Configuration

Easily extend standard Winmore 360° functionality to meet your specific business and workflow requirements.

Dynamic Project Management

Workflow tasks, alerts and automated due dates provide a clear path to the finish line for everyone involved.

Data-Mart For Analytics

Analyze Winmore 360° data using your BI tool of choice. Integrate Winmore data with other systems such as TMS or CRM.

“Winmore 360° was up and running within three weeks. With the full conversion of all of our documents and records, we were fully functional within that time frame …without missing a beat!”

Shawn Masters, Chief Commercial Officer, ProTrans

The World’s Leading Logistics Providers Win More Contracted Revenue With Winmore


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