By Mark Gamble, Head of Product Marketing

Highlighting how AI impacts the transportation and logistics industry, Winmore hosted a webinar in late May with Caitlin Meaden, Director of Marketing of GenPro, and Brian Everett, CEO of the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association (TMSA), regarding “How to Leverage AI and BI to Impact Your RFP Success.”

Along with our CMO John Golob, the presenters addressed more than 100 transportation leaders—focusing on best practices for streamlining RFP processes with advanced data and increased automation.

This included:

  • The importance of RFP qualification and identifying true opportunities versus unprofitable ones.
  • Actionable collaboration strategies that can help teams respond to RFPs quickly and effectively.
  • Increasing organizational focus on gross margin and not just revenue and volume. Commercial leaders often prioritize RFPs based on revenue and volume and overlook gross margin because of the difficulty of connecting RFPs with TMS systems.

The webinar is on-demand and available here.

Brian Everett, CEO of TMSA, said:

“Transportation RFPs have changed dramatically over the past decade; they have grown in frequency, scale and complexity. Despite the investment in CRM software, many sales and marketing leaders struggle with coordinating pricing, fulfillment and quoting activities across their business development, carrier, contracts, procurement and legal departments. Fortunately, new technologies such as Winmore are helping tackle this challenge.”

TMSA continuously offers valuable training and development for industry marketing, communications and sales professionals. Their on-demand webinars can be found here.

We hope you enjoy the webinar!

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