By John Golob, Chief Marketing Officer

Evan Armstrong and Cheri Grabowski (Armstrong & Associates) recently published a research bulletin on bid and tender collaboration software that prominently features Winmore software and we couldn’t be more pleased with their conclusions.

A bit of history: Evan and Dick Armstrong graciously hosted us at their first 3PL Value Summit seven years ago when we were employees and asking ourselves why it was so hard for logistics companies to use CRM software.

Since then, Armstrong has grown into an advisory powerhouse, playing a key role in advising some of the largest acquisitions and offering insights to private equity firms that have targeted the logistics industry.

Meanwhile, we signed some of the largest brands in the industry as well as fast-moving up-and-comers to help them accelerate their RFP response times and lock in shipper contracts with our collaboration software.

Armstrong understands that value results from long-term, sustainable focus on customer success, which is why when they identify emerging trends and leading innovators, the industry pays close attention.

In the Armstrong research bulletin aptly titled Winmore is a Driver of Contracted Revenue, Evan and Cheri highlight how enabling cloud technologies like ours can help established brokers, forwarders and carriers compete more effectively against digital freight upstarts.

In their words, Armstrong “encourages 3PLs to evaluate Winmore’s most recent release” if they want to “accelerate business development plans, streamline bid response processes and/or reduce operating expenses by driving greater productivity.”

To download a full copy of the research bulletin, click here.

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