By Mark Gamble, Director, Product Markeing

Returning from Labor Day, we brace ourselves for the latest update on the most recent storm.  I’m not talking about hurricanes here, but the ongoing trade dispute with China, its impact on the global logistics industry, and the gale-force winds sweeping our domestic freight mid-market carriers this fall.

That said, the Indian summer and fall promise to be a busy season for us here at Winmore.  We’re kicking off our program by sponsoring the Journal of Commerce’s LogTec Conference in Las Vegas from September 8 – 10 where our founder and CMO, John Golob, is participating in a panel discussion on how new software is “extending beyond the TMS.”

Then, we jump into the IANA Intermodal Conference in Long Beach where we’re exhibiting the latest suite of bid and tender analytics, including dashboards to help commercial leaders understand the performance of their bid desks and additional insight into trade lanes and pricing.

From there, we’re thrilled to host two customer webinars: Caitlin Meaden from Genpro Transportation will discuss the results of their Winmore evaluation and deployment (register for the GenPro Webinar here), and Michael Lütjann, former CIO Imperial Logistics, will explore how artificial intelligence promises to change tender management as we know it (register for the Michael Lütjann Webinar here).

For Winmore customers, we’re hosting a Customer Advisory Board in Chicago on the heels of our advisor Evan Armstrong’s 3PL Value Summit. John Golob will participate in a panel discussion at the summit on enabling technologies for the logistics industry, such as bid and tender collaboration software.

Winmore’s European operation in Den Haag will be at the annual BVL Conference in Berlin, Germany; Winmore is a proud sponsor and exhibitor, followed by the EFT 3PL and Supply Chain Conference in Brussels the week of October 21.

We are also thrilled to participate in the Global Maritime Forum hosted by our advisor Flemming Jacobs and accepted an invitation to attend the TIACA International Conference organized by our advisor, former Chairman Sebastiaan Shulte.

All told, this fall finds us on the road, delivering our message to the logistics industry from virtually every corner of the world.  We look forward to seeing you at one of these industry events. If you feel we’ve missed an event or conference, please let us know at [email protected]