By John Golob, Chief Marketing Officer


I remember watching the news about the Boston Marathon in 2013. As law enforcement pursued the bombers, the city was in complete lockdown. I remember wondering if the same directive could happen in Chicago, Atlanta or San Francisco. Not once did I consider it would happen to all three, along with countless other cities around the world.

Fast-forward to today where the COVID-19 crisis seems to deepen on a daily basis. That which seemed inconceivable even a few days ago (like the halt of all domestic air travel) is now a possibility, if not a certainty.

Despite the bleak conditions, there are bright spots, most notably, the way teams are coming together to reach across homes, neighborhoods and borders (figuratively, not literally) to lend a hand and provide support during this global calamity.

When we learned of the widespread decision to invoke work-from-home policies across the logistics industry and heard that many carriers, forwarders and brokers were doing so for the first time, certainly we had to act. After all, here in Silicon Valley, we’ve been working from home for decades.

We built Winmore software to align bid desks with offices in Bonn and Bangalore. The same software could be used to integrate and align hundreds — if not thousands — of commercial workers in a “virtual bid desk” with everyone working from offices in Kansas or from their kitchen table. Surely, if the logistics industry is working from home, we can help them “win from home.”

In the current world crisis and in future market turbulence, Winmore can be a strategic advantage, helping you stay ahead of the competition even while working remote, across the country or across town.

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